Text or HTML : How to Pick the Best Email Format for You

When you send out an email, you are delivering it to people with a number of different computer systems, networks and email browser configurations. You want to ensure that your email piece is selected so it can be viewed properly by your target. This is why formatting your message properly is so important.

Your recipients might see your email message differently on their computers than you do.

How to Build Your Own Opt-in Email List

As an email marketer you’ll find you can spend considerable sums of money on list rentals. You might be thinking to yourself, “I wish there was a less-expensive way to market via email.” There is. With few exceptions, all the major companies I’ve worked with have started their email efforts by renting lists and over time transitioned their efforts to building their own permission-based house list.

How to Create an Email Link That Automatically Adds a Subject

I’m always surprised at the subject lines people come up with when asked to send a blank email to an autoresponder. Why not save them the trouble? This HTML script will automatically complete the subject line for the respondent as soon as they click on it:


The email address at the beginning of the string is the autoresponder’s address. The string that begins “subject=” is the subject line that the message will automatically address itself with.

Ask Jason: Email List Marketing FAQ

“What’s the first step in planning an email campaign?”

Define your target audience. “Who is your ideal target audience?” A good way to answer this is to think about your current clients and what is similar about them. With this information and a target budget a representative will provide you with some detailed list recommendations for your review.

“Can I take possession of the data in the opt-in email lists?”

Tips and Techniques for Advertising in Email Newsletters and eZines

I’m a huge fan of email newsletters as an advertising medium. I subscribe to a number of newsletters to stay current with industry trends, and think they are an ideal way for companies to distribute information and build an online audience.

In general, there are two different types of email newsletter publishers. There are newsletters distributed by companies to keep in touch with their prospects and customers by providing periodic updates and information.

Finding the Right Email Newsletter

Picking the right audience for your company’s offerings is very important. Your objective should be to find a newsletter sent to individuals that have the need for your services and the power to buy them.

Here are a few questions to ask prior to doing a placement in a newsletter:

Who are the subscribers?

You’ll want to know where the subscribers to the newsletter came from.

7 Secrets to Writing Killer Email Copy

How can you dramatically improve the performance of your email copy? The following tips have been used for many years in print and are especially true when trying to get the attention of a busy online audience. Keep in mind that some people get upwards of 50 emails each day! It’s important to take the extra time necessary to tweak your copy and make the offer solid.

What Software Can You Use to Build Your Email List

There are a variety of programs available to manage your email list. They can help you with every step from managing subscribers to processing the opt-outs.

Here are some of the functions a good email software program will provide:

  • Manage opt-ins
  • Send a message to confirm opt-in
  • Send a message that requires action to fully opt-in (double opt-in)
  • Personalize the messages with the subscribers name
  • Automatically manage un-subscribes (removals)
  • Allow uploading of existing email lists
  • Remove any duplicate subscriptions
  • Include additional subscriber data
  • Handle deployment of messages on their servers

There are many programs you can purchase to perform these functions.

Tips for Making Your Email Newsletter Ad Work

There are many points and strategies to consider when crafting an effective email newsletter placement. The following tips should get you off on the right foot and help you maximize your ROI.

Negotiate Good Positioning

Newsletter sponsorships vary in their design, but most offer a text ad placement approximately five lines long and 65 characters wide. This is hardly enough space to sell a product or service, but it is enough space to inspire your audience and get them to click and visit your offer page.

Why Email Marketing

The business landscape is littered with failed companies that had strong products and services but never figured out how to market them. Poor marketing or lack of marketing is quoted by many as the single biggest reason why businesses fail.

Your first objective as a business is to determine ways that you can market your products and services in a cost effective manner.