Celebrity & Celebrities Email Lists

Email lists for celebrities, affluent and influential people. Reach your celebrity target with the following opt-in email marketing lists…

Over 10,000 celebrities including movies, television and stage performers. Plus, over 9,500 football addresses, 7,500 baseball addresses, 2,300 basketball addresses, 3,200 hockey addresses, 700 professional golfers, 500 professional musicians and comedians.


Cable TV and Broadband Subscribers Email Lists

Email lists for cable tv subscribers and broadband subscribers. Reach your target audience of cable and broadband subscribers with the opt-in email lists below.


Smokers & Tobacco Users Email Lists

Smokers and tobacco users are a much maligned but highly profitable consumer group. Smokers and tobacco users are those consumers who self-report as smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes or otherwise using chewing tobacco or snuff.

The tobacco industry itself provides in excess of $15 billion annually to the national economy and gaining access to this industry through its consumers can be quite profitable for those firms intent on doing so.

Nascar Fan Email Lists

Nascar always draws a huge media attention and a loyal fan base. Reach Nascar fans with the targeted email lists below.

Nascar fans are interested in Nascar related products such as publications, memorabilia, collectibles, and apparel.  They are also interested in Nascar events and other events that involve cars and racing.

Military Email Lists

The members and former members of America’s military are a significant percentage of the overall population.

The members of the military email list can be sorted according to a great number of variables to make this email list as useful and targeted as possible. This includes current members of the military and their duty stations as well as retired members of the military and their current email addresses and contact information.

Christian Email List – Effectively Reach your Target Audience

The Christian email list allows marketers to reach their target effectively, whether looking to share a message or to promote an offer.

This list is 100% opt-in and is often updated and verified.  The Christians included in the email list have subscribed to receive third party offers and their information is checked for accuracy.



Online Traders and Stocks Email Lists

Online traders and stock brokers are highly trained and sophisticated consumers. The traders and stocks email list allows you to effectively present your message to this highly targeted audience.

Business Opportunities and MLM Leads Email Lists

Many individuals have an innate desire to take charge of their own destiny by generating an independent revenue stream. Thus, MLM or multi-level marketing leads are a great way to expand your potential revenues. These types of MLM leads are those that generally relate to some type of direct sales opportunity, home-based operations as well as MLM opportunities related to various businesses.

Voter & Political Email Lists

Email lists to reach voters with party affiliation and without party affiliation. These voter email lists are an efficient way to reach this audience for political purposes.

Voter Files and Appended Emails

Voter files and appended emails for political purposes only are available for the following states: NJ, CA, TX, NY, IL, WA, FL, PA, MA, CO, OH, OK, NC, KY, TN, MI, IA, OR, NH, and SC.

Gambling Email Lists & Data

gambler listGambling email lists are very popular as gambling has become an established and recognized aspect of not only the national economy but, indeed, of the global economy.

These gamblers are willing to invest a great deal of time and money in supporting their favorite past-time, and the gaming companies are highly profitable and prepared to constantly re-invest in their business.

Business Email Lists is in a position to offer you access to the highest quality gambling email lists for these primary consumers in this demographic segment.