Security Email Lists

Email lists for security company professionals and executives in the security industry. Reach top level security end users who can buy or specify security systems…

Security Distributing & Marketing Email Lists

Target decision-makers with buying authority for electronic security products and services. Security Distributing & Marketing’s e-mail list reaches management and technical professionals throughout the security distribution marketplace.


SECURITY’s direct request e-mail list is your primary link to the $154 billion commercial, industrial and government security and life safety market.

War Veterans Email Lists

Email lists to reach retired war veterans. The email lists on this page are targeted to reach veterans across the United States.

There are over 20 million military veterans in the United States.  These comprehensive email lists will put you in front of this large target audience.

Travelers and Frequent Flyers Email Lists

Have a product or service that targets travelers or frequent flyers? Try using the email lists below.

Travelers are a great target for offers such as cruise specials, hotel deals, vacations, and travel gear.  Put your message in front of your target audience with the traveler email list.

Teachers Email Lists

Want to reach teachers but can’t find a good email list? Try the teacher email lists below.

Reach teachers with this opt-in email list.  Promote your products and services such as classroom supplies, software, computers and other technology, and other educational material.

Subprime Borrowers Email Lists

Target subprime borrowers with the following email lists.  This is an ever growing target audience as more and more individuals and families are having difficulty obtaining loans and financing.


Singles & Dating Email Lists

Need to reach singles or people not in a committed relationship? Find the perfect singles & dating email list below.

Singles are often looking to find a partner and are interested in dating.  They are very receptive to dating services and websites, dating advice, and products to enhance their image.

Republicans Email Lists

Need to reach members of the republican political party? Find the perfect republican email list below.

Approximately 35% of Americans are republicans and these email lists will get your message in front of this political audience.

Real Estate Agents Email Lists

Email lists for real estate agents and the real estate industry. Reach real estate decision makers at key companies.

Real estate agents are always looking for new ways to market themselves and the properties that they are selling.  They are also receptive to offers on computers, cell phones, software, vehicles, house staging services, etc.


Prenatal & Pregnant Women Email Lists

Women who are pregnant provide a valuable target market for the consumer oriented firm whether selling services or products.

Pregnant women and families that are expecting a child have a host of service and products needs that include dietary supplements, baby products such as formula and clothing, baby furniture such as cribs and changing tables, and equipment such as baby monitors as well as toys.

PayDay Loan Users Email Lists

Email lists to reach PayDay Loan users. These loan users are targeted for the loan/banking industry.

Many of these loan users are interested in obtaining loans and financing as well as other ways to bring in income.  The Payday Loan email list will get your message in front of this targeted audience.