Rental E-Mail List

When you are thinking about obtaining an e-mail list, you should put serious thought into renting an e-mail list instead of purchasing one. You might find that the benefits of renting an e-mail list out weigh the option of buying.

How Renting Works

When you come to the conclusion that you what to send out a mass mailing and you need an e-mail list renting a list can be a more affordable alternative than buying a list. When you rent a list you are using a list that a third-party has put together from people who have opted in to receive e-mails from them.

By having a list of addresses from the third-party of people that have already opted in to receive e-mail’s from them you know that your e-mail is more likely to be delivered to an active e-mail address and once received, read.

When you rent an e-mail list you do not get to see the list of addresses that your e-mail will go to, but you will have the option of renting a list that is targeted to the demographic that you are looking to market.


The price of renting an-email list varies on the type of list that you want to rent. If you are looking to target a certain consumer base lists can be rented from around $80 to $175 per thousand addresses. Lists that are not so target specific can be found from $60 to $140 per thousand addresses. Just remember that when renting an e-mail list it is a one time deal.

However, when you rent an e-mail list the renter of the list will do most of the work for you. All you have to do is supply the mailing that you want sent out to your targeted list and they send it out.

Things to Consider

Upon deciding that you want to rent an e-mail list there are some things that you should consider when choosing a provider. First, make sure the company you select to rent a list from only forms that list from consumers who have chosen to opt in to receiving e-mails from them, if the list has been collected by using disreputable means you could be in violation of the CAN SPAM Act, which would harm your company’s reputation.

Second, check with the provider to see if they can give you an estimate on how many mailings it will take to receive 100 clicks. Then ask if you can do a trial run at a decreased rate to see how effective their marketing strategy is. You will find that some companies are willing to give you a cut-rate for a sampling of their ability.

Third, ask the provider if they offer any services that will help you come up with a marketing strategy that will help ensure that you get the most out of your mass mailing.

Make it Work

Do not just go with the first company you com across, like any other decision you make when dealing with your company make sure that you find as much as you can about the entire e-mail list community before moving forward. By doing your homework when choosing the right provider to help you with your marketing campaign you will find that renting an e-mail list will bring you a wider consumer base that will help your business become successful.