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Name Charles Tanner
Company Stefanie Rhem
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Message Here is a fact 98% of businesses have terrible copy. What do I mean by that and why should you care? Their website copy, ad copy, blog copy, email copy, social media copy is too generic and does not awaken any emotion in your potential customers. That is a pity because everyone could make so much more money if they fixed that. And the top 2% of businesses know this and are making a lot more money than you. But it does not have to be like this because there is a solution. A new AI tool that can write high-quality copy for you in seconds! All you need to do is, tell the AI tool what to create, give a little bit of context and you will have amazing copy in seconds. Doesn’t matter if you want to write your whole website new or a blog with 5000 words, it can write anything you want. And this will double your revenue quickly, as you will convert more leads and sales! Over 4 000 000+ people have tested our software and love it because we have a 98% satisfaction rate. So here is our offer: As a Xmas special we give 40% off our product until the 17th of December and here is what you get: - You can write unlimited words (yes you read that right, write millions of words if you want) - 5 users seats included - Access to over 90+ copywriting tools - Unlimited projects - Get priority email support (ask us anything e.g. how to create x) - Write in 25+ languages - Access to “blog wizard tool” (write high quality & unique blogs in couple of seconds) - And get access to our newest features But be quick, we only have 1000 slots available for this Xmas special, and 931 slots are already taken. As a bonus, you will also get 200+ free templates (value 497$) for free, this will save a lot of time on your end. If you don't like our AI tool, that is totally fine, we have a 7-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee :) If this sounds good to you then go to and try it out (use this link to get the 40% off) You will love it, I will promise you Best, Charles If you do not wish to get any more emails from us, please send us an email at info@ai-hustle and add your website URL in the email
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