Meeting and Event Planner Marketing Data

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Do you have an offer you are trying to promote to an event planner email list or meeting planner list? ┬áBusiness Email Lists can offer you the target audience you’re looking for so you reach your ROI goals.

These executives and industry professionals are corporate planners, corporate executives, independent contractors, and a slew of travel and hospitality professionals throughout the sector. These industry executives make purchase decisions involving travel and transportation, hospitality arrangements, conference facilities, seminar and presentation planning, and promotional services related to these and similar industry activities.

Event planning lists can be helpful in targeting business owners, executives and managers for various events and for planning conventions and parties. You can collect email IDs and send your marketing mail service offers and get business opportunities from potential long term clients. Event planner email lists can be helpful for businesses that take up hotel bookings, conference setting supplies, overall interiors and decoration, and setting up various arrangements. You can here find key individuals who can get you the major business leads in event planning industry. The best way to find suitable event planner mails in sufficient quantity and relevant areas is to get them purchased from a recognized company that sells event planner email lists. Here are a few options for you to decide and get your counts today.

Meeting planners lists – Meeting planners lists can help you find fast and accurate business leads that will help you in the long term in a very profitable way. You can find 27,000 corporations that are planning to arrange 1.8 million conferences, conventions and events in major areas of the USA. So, if you want to pursue activities and management opportunities in these conventions you can get highly customized and targeted lists of event planner executives in major industries.

e-target media – If you need confirmed and assured opt-in lists of event planner emails you can trust e-target media. You can find event planner email lists for top event planners that are the best in arranging corporate business meetings, conferences and top notch business deals and arrangements. You can expect a 24 hour time interval for your email list delivery.

Next mark – Next mark offers fresh email lists for top level and highly experienced event planners that play key roles in managing huge events and planning activities such as corporate business events and trade events.

Exact data consumer base – Exact data consumer base can provide you with 8000+ direct business mail lists for event planners that can be best business leads for your event managements and assistance services. You can call them to get your counts for event planners lists today.

Dunlop marketing – Dunlop marketing has the proud record of providing marketing lists for every type of industry for the past 13 years. You can find about 78% deliverability for all data included in event planners email lists. Get your counts for the required industry for event planners lists to make your email marketing a success.

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