Tips and Techniques for Advertising in Email Newsletters and eZines

I’m a huge fan of email newsletters as an advertising medium. I subscribe to a number of newsletters to stay current with industry trends, and think they are an ideal way for companies to distribute information and build an online audience.

In general, there are two different types of email newsletter publishers. There are newsletters distributed by companies to keep in touch with their prospects and customers by providing periodic updates and information. And then there are email newsletters created primarily by professionals and content publishers as a vehicle to promote paying advertisers.

In this case, we will talk about the best way to leverage newsletters for sponsorship. Sponsoring newsletters is a great way to:

1.) leverage a large audience and
2.) align with the interests and content of a publication the readers already have a relationship with and trust.

There are four primary reasons why email newsletters have become so popular as an advertising medium.

1.) They are affordable
2.) Trusted newsletters can lend credibility to your offer
3.) Producing an advertisement is simple and affordable
3.) Results are trackable

With all of the worries about Spam these days, newsletters are an excellent way of using a familiar party to deliver your message so it gets read.