Email Marketing Technique: The “Hurt’em and Heal’em” Approach

Advertising is often referred to as a hurt ’em and heal ’em business. This is true. Some of the best messages work by first highlighting a potential situation that the customer will want to avoid.

By setting the stage for the customer using statistics and a real life situation they will want to avoid, you can capture their attention.

After the subject line and a short intro paragraph, you then proceed to reveal the solution (your product).

Timing is Everything: Selecting the Best Time to Send Your Email Message

When is the best time to send your email? Great question. In fact the time you decide to launch your campaign can have an impact on the overall results of your email campaign. This detail may not be as important as the audience you select, the subject line, or the list you are using, but it is a factor. But if you are working to get the maximum results and put everything in your favor then these are commonly accepted as the BEST times to launch your campaign.

How to Use Questions Effectively In Your Email Message

Your email message is generally a one-way monologue from you to the advertiser. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t solicit “audience participation” with well-positioned questions.

Why would we do that?

In this course you’re learning how to break up your copy to make it more attractive and readable. You can do this by occasionally reaching out to your audience with questions to grab their attention.

Format Your Text Emails for Maximum Results

The manner in which the copy is laid out will contribute largely to the audience’s desire to read it. Upon opening the email there are a few things that people notice immediately, regardless of whether it’s text or HTML:

  • Is the copy neat and well laid out?
  • What hyperlinks are immediately visible?
  • Does this look interesting?
  • What’s in this for me?

How to Word Your Hyperlinks So they Get Clicked

Most email campaigns have hyperlinks that the advertiser wants people to click. How can you increase click rate? If you are using an HTML email, you can hyperlink words. Compare the following…

Sample A: Opinion Form – Click Here
Sample B: Your Opinion Counts – Click Here!

Sample A: Click Here for More Information
Sample B: Increase Sales Up to 300% – Click Here!

The Secret to Mastering Email Frequency

Most email marketers seek a substantial return after just one blast. But do repeat advertisements to the same group have any benefits? Does frequency have any place in email marketing? Yes.

The term frequency refers to how many times you reach an audience with a message.

It’s strange, but many clients I work with run advertisements month after month in the same magazine, but wouldn’t think of emailing an offer to the same person twice.

How to Format Your HTML Email for Maximum Results

HTML email messages are gaining popularity, especially in newsletters. As more recipients are able to properly support this email type, there are fewer compatibility issues. Here are some techniques that can help to improve the way your HTML messages appear.

File Size

To ensure your email gets the most exposure and doesn’t seize up your audience’s email client, you’ll want to limit the total file size of the page to 50K.

The Best Ad Busting Technology

Are you tired of annoying pop-ups? Are you sick of junk email? Has your computer been taken over by a spyware program that’s messing up your life?

Fear not, help is on the way.

(How’s that for cheesy openers?)

Do you find it ironic that a site devoted to web marketing would also have ad busting technology? It’s not really. I like to believe that ad busting technology gets rid of unwanted irrelevant ads.

Viral Email Marketing — The Secret to Word-of-Mouth Advertising Online

Would you like to learn how to make your marketing message take on a life of its own and spread like wildfire… for free?

In this issue, as you may have guessed from the title, we will be discussing viral marketing. This is a unique breakthrough component that can be added to just about any online campaign to get it to spread far beyond the limits of traditional marketing messages.

How to Turn Junk Mail Into Gold

Ready for a few profit-making ideas?

Great! Before we jump in, just let me quickly welcome to the first issue of the Digital Harvester presented by Digital Harvest Media with contributions from Hype Communications. I’m glad you’re here! Okay…

Today’s topic: “How To Turn Junk Mail Into Gold”

Everyday, millions of emails shoot accross the Internet promoting everything from Software to Seminars.